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We established in November 12, 1993. PT. Fuji Presisi-Tool Indonesia was born and grew up with challenges, and we always answer with quality.

Our vision is "Needed and has important role by the world, Leading the world in tooling". It means, we are a reliable company. We place a quality in customer's heart. People will find us to get the right solutions of tooling. We could support the manufacturing company upto spare parts processing phase based on cutting tool.

We are very proud, that we can participate in the development of Indonesia [ President PT. Fuji Presisi-Tool Indonesia].

PT. Fuji Presisi-Tool Indonesia is a part of a wide Global Networks. We are connected with many big companies in Japan, USA, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, Korea, China, Thailand, and Poland. This Global Network will make us:

  • We will get all information faster
  • Faster support and solution
  • More reliable human resources
  • Maximum team work
  • Unity to be a great team leading the world


Our clients are mostly automotive company and some machining industries domestic and overseas customer.

Chart of History
PT. Fuji Presisi-Tool Indonesia Production Output History.

Chart of Kind
Kind of Production Output Chart per today.


You may contact us at +62 21 8970211 . Our customer care and Technical support staff will help You kindly, or mail us at


For Order or inquiry, please mail to :