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PT. Fuji Presisi-Tool Indonesia is a joint venture company manufactures special cutting tools, provides Cemented Carbide Cutting Tool, Tool Holder, Jig, Diamond Tool and others for domestic and export markets. Besides manufacturing and selling these particular products, PT. Fuji Presisi-Tool Indonesia will assemble Tool Holder and repair Cemented Carbide Cutting Tool according to customer's needs and accept any projects in regrinding Ce-mented Carbide Cutting Tool and Diamond Tool.

As the first few Indonesian companies in this particular industry, PT. Fuji Presisi-Tool Indonesia will strive its best to manufacture the most reliable products to customers.

PT. Fuji Presisi-Tool Indonesia commits to deliver best quality products provides services, satisfies customer's needs in timely, cost effective and enhance quality commitment. PT. Fuji Presisi-Tool Indonesia was implemented and certified based on Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008) and Environmental Management System (ISO14001:2004).

New Products
Fuji Presisi's latest design is diamond -tool: This design has several type, they are PCD-Cutter, PCD-Reamer, PCD-Drill, and PCD Bite. We made them for strength and durable. Details..
Latest News
Our newest tool is Diamond Tool, it is called DIC. DIC-reamer is a reamer combined with a diamond tip. Read More